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Hi, I'm Vanessa. I guide tired (international) families to more sleep within 3 weeks. In Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French. Do you want to get started today? Then request my free ebook, packed with sleep tips for your little one - easy to implement today.

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You are so very happy with your baby. So proud, so full of love. But how hard it is when you are so tired that you can barely get through the day. You would love to enjoy your little one to the fullest, but you are mainly concerned. Worrying that your child isn't getting enough sleep, worrying that you're doing something wrong.

Worrying that you're failing as a parent, worrying that you're going to fail yourself with so little sleep. Worrying about your relationship. You feel insecure. Why do other children sleep well, and only yours don't? You've already read every piece of advice, but you still don't know what to do differently. You just want to sleep, need to sleep. Where is that golden tip that will really help your child sleep better?

You have come to the right place!

Is that you?

  • Your child wakes up very early in the morning
  • Falling asleep is only possible by rocking, feeding, driving (car, stroller), carrying, etc.
  • Your child wakes up often during the night and needs you to continue sleeping
  • Your child (sometimes) sleeps in your bed, but you would rather not
  • Daytime naps are difficult and unpredictable
  • Bedtime is often a struggle

How does this sound?

  • Together we take a good look at the temperament and needs of your child and your wishes as a parent.
  • We explore the circumstances and patterns that prevent your child from sleeping well.
  • And together we will make a plan that feels good for you and that will ensure that you will be sleeping well again within three weeks.
  • You will be so very proud of your little one. Because: it is really possible, also for you!

"Our little one woke up so many times every night, every 1 to 2 hours - already during the coaching weeks, we all slept almost completely through the nights. Vanessa was gentle and understanding in her approach and shaped our sleep plan exactly along our needs."

- Tassja & Florian
(son, 8 months)

"Vanessa is a great coach: she has taken the sleep challenge of our daughter (4) by its root and developed a good plan. She now also sleeps throught the nights. We are very happy with Vanessa's help!"

- Pascal & Malou
(3 children)

"With a lot of encouragement, we were able to realize our personalized sleep plan. Our baby learned to put herself to sleep independently and we got energy and time back for ourselves. If you are looking for a gentle approach to structurally reshape the sleep behaviour of your child, Vanessa is a wonderful coach who will help you achieve your sleep goals."

- Hana & Mario
(daughter, 14 months)

Hi, I am Vanessa

Founder of Like Dreaming, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® and Mom of three boys (2018, 2020, 2022).

In early 2022, I opened my online sleep coaching practice; specifically serving global families. I know from experience that living far away from family support, makes you particularly vulnerable as a new parent. I strive to fill a small but significant part of this void, by helping you reclaim your much needed night rest.

Afterall, we all can be better parents if we feel well rested and confident.

Your partner doesn't speak English? No problem! I also speak fluent German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

More about Vanessa

Are you wondering where to start to help Your Little One sleep better?

Start with something simple yet powerful: Read in my free ebook about the 5 Bedroom Mistakes that keep your child from sleeping - and how to fix them today.

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  • Do you speak multiple languages at home? I speak German, English, Spanish, French and Dutch.
  • Are you looking for a gentle, responsive and step-by-step sleep help for your little one? Then you've come to the right place at Like Dreaming.
  • Baby-Led Sleepshaping certification: lay the best sleep foundation for your newborn baby (0-5 months)
  • Flexible consultation hours in the evenings and weekends (at no extra cost)
  • More Sleep Guarantee
  • Trained by Kim West ("The Sleep Lady") and certified Gentle Sleep Coach®
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...studies have found that children who sleep well in their first years, will be happier later in life?

...even babies can suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and that, if undiagnosed / untreated, this can lead to severe sleep problems?

...the mental state of the mother can have a big influence on the sleep behaviour of the child?

So it's worth taking a closer look if your child has trouble sleeping.

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